Back Breaking Type

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Yes, I know…It’s been a while. The Big Move has consumed all of my time but I’m home now! I just love the space I’m having right now. Its unimaginable that it’s all MINE! After a long time of painting,  heavy lifting, making all kinds of decisions from where my sofa has be to stupid little decisions on what bathroom light I want; it’s finally finished! Now comes the fun part; Decorating!

And because I love letters, these guys are one of the first things I bought. Because my house is crispy new I want to stuff it with accessories with a little character.  So I stumbled on some old print letters that are used for papers and magazines.

I bought them via a Dutch marketplace. The seller lives on a ship and was still standing on the ship when he handed me the little box with the letters. He warned me; ‘There heavy!’’ . The strong women that I am (at least I think I am) laughed; ‘No problem!’. I took the box and CLANG! My back! With my pokerface I thanked him for the box and got back on my bike. Around the corner I started swearing; OMG! I’ve survived an entire move and this little box means the end of my back!?


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