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‘Shop hair’foto (70)Those selfies… haha

foto (66)


Totally in love with my BF’s cat ;)

I once was a ballerina, a long long time ago. Before I injured myself because I thought I was Superwoman and really didn’t need a warming up after a flu…Too bad for me, or actually one of the muscles of my leg..
But I always have a ballerina-thing going on. I love the style of it, simple, (often) black, close-fitted and always stylish (and i’m not talking about the tutĂș, cause I really hated those). I mean the long black sleeves, backless tops, legwarmers (NOT (!) for outsidewearing of course but in home with some cute sweatpants) and the knitted cardigans careless draped around your shoulders, you know what I mean.. So, you can already guess I love the (top) knot hair trend that is going on lately. Here are some pics to inspire and make you feel like a ballerina yourself ;)

Sources in a random order; viktorialove.com, rdujour.com, lasthairmodels.com, 7beautytips.com and some random photo’s of me, not supposed to get the blog cause there not stylish at all (2 selfies to show my sis ‘the knot’ and a pic with my BF’s cat) but whatever ;)


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