Oh, can you already feel autumn sneaking up on us, too? Days are already getting shorter, the wind gets colder and sometimes you can already smell the warm scent of autumn.

I catch myself already wandering for a new winter coat, a new scarf and everything essential for those rainy Dutch winter days to come.

Today, when it was already getting a little bit colder I was searching through my shoes for something that complimented my mood and discovered I don’t have anything flat, non-sporty… there are a lot of heels, sneakers and ankle boots but I needed something flat and black (off course ;).

So, there we go…of to Zara.com. And yes, surely I find something that suits my taste, and some more. I don’t think I have enough tee’s too… so I really needed a white one and a black one…dammit… winter, I’m not ready for you yet…


6 thoughts on “JUST ORDERED

  1. Die laarsjes zien er op het plaatje heeel mooi uit! Ben benieuwd naar jouw foto’s ervan.

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