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I was already searching for a long time for some jewelry that would fit my style. I’m not really a jewelry person, I always look like a Christmas tree when I put on some earrings and a necklace. I like a clean and neat look when it comes to armswag and that kind of stuff. I couldn’t find anything that fitted me until I stumbled upon Bandhu. I love the yoga kind of way the brand had and I absolutely love her pics on Instagram and her dog! So I think you can say there is a little Brand Crush going on here…  ;)

So, with my B-day party coming up I stalked my girls about this brand, dropped hints, sent pics of the bracelets and eventually asked for a gift card from Bandhu because I couldn’t make a choice which one to ask for.
Saturday eve, after everyone had enough wine, we got to the only great part of getting a year older; the presents!  I received a little envelope with a card. Recognizing the black writing I already thought to now what was in it; the Bandhu gift card. But my heart almost skipped a beat when I felt the envelope a bit more…it’s round? Yayyyy!!

They now me too well, my GF’s, because they picked out the one I loved the most…  <3



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