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clarins haute tenue 103, clarins ivory

I’ve been wearing sneakers way to often and I needed some new Chelsea boots.
I already had the Zara ones but because I’m somehow always between sizes they hurt my feet after a day of wearing them. I wish I could afford the Anouk Chelsea boots from Wang, but that is not going to happen soon (or I won’t be able to eat for a month, haha!).
After days and days of googeling ‘Chelsea boots’ I still couldn’t find a pair that looked like something I was looking for. But then I stumbled upon these ones at Zara again! At the online shop they just looked different than the real ones and here they where, just standing on a shelf looking pretty and almost winking at me. After trying them on I knew I had to have them! And on SALE too! Yay!
Got myself a new perfume (92 Champs Elysses Paris) a soft scent with some notes of bergamot and jasmine, bit sophisticated but not too heavy. I almost never wear another scent then my Miss Cherie from Dior or Flower Bomb by Victor & Rolf but for ten euro’s?! What can go wrong? Worst case scenario I use it as a room spray ;).
Love the cross on this box, looks like a medicine box that carries essentials and because I use an old bread box for plaster, aspirins and vitamin pills why not use a medicine box for face and hair related stuff, right? And a new box needs to be filled with a new makeup. Because I’ve tried every foundation in my city (and after some googeling) I wanted to try Clarins Haute Tenue Ivory. Love it!


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