One of my new year’s is try to cross out  ‘the List’ of stuff and things I want to try,read and do in 2015. And oh boy, it is a List with a capital L. But I picked 5 (Trust me, you don’t want to read the WHOLE list, haha!).

NO. 1 WORK OUT!Jogha-header

Every time before I take a shower I want to do a little routine:

50 jumping jacks, 5 pushups, 20 crunches, 20 mountain climbers and a 30 second plank.

I like the idea of doing it before every shower so it will is easier to become part of a routine and become strong like these girls from Fitgirlcode and look like these girls while rocking their stylish sportwear Jogha.



I REALLY want to catch up with some reading. The last year I had a subscription to VOGUE magazine, GLAMOUR magazine and LINDA (Dutch) magazine. I still need to read their January 2014 editions…

In addition to that I still have some books I ought to read/finish like: Stoner by John Williams, How to be Parisian by Anne Berest, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and The Headspace book from Andy much to do, so little time, haha!

I’m sure you can relate ;)



You didn’t expect this one right? But last year I started a Mindfulness course and wrote a whitepaper (Dutch)
about Mindfulness in organisations and I’ve learned a lot! About myself, about others and the things
you (and me) obligate yourself. You really don’t NEED to solve every problem (for someone else)
and you need to remember you just cannot do it ALL. So choose well and do it with focus and make a cute meditationspot in your house (like mine ↑ :)

I will be posting an article soon about the things I’ve learned, bit first let me tell you about an app thats easy to use and give
you an idea of what I mean: The Headspace app. I just love their tone of voice (and the voice of Andy Puddicombe),
their little video’s and their vision on life. When you start doing it, you start to think – why the hell did I not do this before?
While writing this I ask myself why I’m even writing this, I just need to DO IT .

Trust me, download the app and take Ten (it’s free). I’m sure you want to look good on the outside, make sure you’re good on the inside too   :)

NO. 4 BLOG IMG_6533.2

Everyone I know kept telling me I had to blog. But I was (am) too shy, so I kept postponing it. I had no time, had to finish my internship first, had to graduate, etc. etc. I finished my internship and have a job as a writer in a lifestyle magazine, graduated and have more time. So, no more excuses, here I am again!


To manage all of my ‘life goals’ I like to use Todoist and Pocket to keep me sane. Todoist is a online task management app and to-do list for Web, iPhone, iPad, Android and Chrome that I really, truly LOVE. Pocket is a great way to manage articles and links of (favorite) bloggers and inspiring pics. Now all I have to do is check mark every task ;)


So how are your new years resolutions? Failed yet or still going strong? :)



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